Yeah, She Seems Cool

by Aura Bora

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Aura Bora is
Jhune, Will and Joey


released June 5, 2016

All songs by Aura Bora, Lyrics by Jhune Liwanag,

Recorded @ the Geneva Room, April 26th 2016,
Engineered and mixed by Joey Green



all rights reserved


Aura Bora Honolulu, Hawaii

Aura Bora is Jhune Liwanag, Caleb Hartsfield, Will Adair, and Joey Green.

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Track Name: Whatever
We got into your truck
I think I've had enough
This night it seemed
Better in my dreams

You told me that's tough luck
I think you've called my bluff
This life's too short
For false sincerity

And just like Jacqui said
My problems are all in my head
They're only as big or small
As you make it out to be
Let's lock it up and throw away the key
The key
Whatever it may be
Let's lock it up and throw away the key
Track Name: No Good
Baby I could've stopped myself from listening to you
Maybe that's what I was meant to do
And I can see
Why you may not take me as seriously
I don't like you when you're like this
It surprises me you didn't leave

I was never good at doing what I was told
You got my falling by the wayside
I'll be waiting til your flaws start to unfold
Because you're just as fucked as I

And it's this place
that reminds me of all my past mistakes
You were the one who pulled me through

And now I see it's okay to be a little bit lonely
But on the bright side, you're lonely too
Track Name: Falling Out of Love
In an old silver line
I was yours, you were mine
I was hoarse, you were mean
We designed drum machines

But every day in every way
I'm falling out of love with you
Every kiss means less and less
I'm falling out of love with you

Every hour kills a flower
I'm falling out of love with you
You just bore me more and more
I'm falling out of love with you

They made sounds much like drums
I was young you were dumb
Now you're older and I'm wiser
We design synthesizers
Track Name: Emotional
Getting emotional
There's danger in writing songs about the people you know
Street lights, a small city
Nothing here ever remains a mystery

Well, not for long.
I'm not the type to admit when I am wrong

What are you doing here?
You said you'd be gone before the end of the year

You touched me, I am whole
The warning signs were there
I guess I should've known

Like the time in the park in the dark by the graveside
When you said you loved me and I asked if you meant it

Or at my show at Downbeat back when I had stage fright
I looked in the crowd and you were no where to be seen
Track Name: Gross
The flower pedals turned to grey
I thought I'd change
I feel the same

It's been a while since I've seen your face
I thought you'd change
You seem the same

Would you like to take a walk with me
Off the pier of uncertainty?
It's risky-
I don't mean to be a pain

I memorized our shitty jokes
But it was not intentional
I think we share a common goal
The constant struggle to feel whole

Take my hand or not
I think it's worth a shot
I think you're really hot
Okay, that's all I got
I hope my voice gets stuck inside your brain